Ghostbusters: Afterlife official trailer’s nostalgic cameos will leave you hooked! know why?

The newest addition to the Ghostbuster series was long awaited and is finally here. Trailer has left fans eager for the official release. The sequel is slated to release on November 11.

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Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer hit streaming platforms on Tuesday and it has received much more love and excitement than anticipated. 

In the new sequel we can see some nostalgic scenes of the iconic film when its first part was released, back in the year 1989. The original cast had made an appearance in  the year 2016 but not in their initial characters. 

The plot of the movie revolves around Egon Spengler’s family who’s role is beautifully played by late Harold Ramis. Egon finds his hidden lab which was forbidden a long time ago and during this process ghosts who were thought to be gone, return. 

According to the story the kinds in the trailer find heir grandfather’s secret tools and equipment that he used for his paranormal activity and research. 

The kids who set an adventure to find answers to their questions try to find the original ghostbusters on YouTube. The nostalgic trailer ends with a phone being answered by one of the cast members and that’s when Aykroyd heard someone say on the other end of the phone, “We’re closed.”

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The sequel is directed and co-written by Jason Reitman and includes a cast of Carrie Coon, who plays the role of Callie, Phoebe’s mother is played by Mckenna Grace and Trevor’s role is played by Finn Wolfhard. Paul Rudd plays the character of a summer school teacher.