MP Minister remarks 'Maro Jao' to parents’ union sparks controversy

The parents’ union in Bhopal had visited Minister Parmar on Tuesday to discuss their concerns over overcharging by schools

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In an incident of negligence of politicians regarding the public's problems, Madhya Pradesh school education minister Inder Singh Parmar has been caught in a controversy after his shocking response to the parents’ union.

Allegedly, a parents’ union in Bhopal had visited Minister Parmar on Tuesday concerning overcharging by schools and asked what will they do if the education department refuses to hear the plea. To this, the minister replied, ‘Maro Jao’ (Go, die).

After the state school education minister’s shocking remark to the parents’ union, he is facing a backlash, meanwhile, the opposition demands resignation. Parents and state opposition Congress are demanding Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to sack the minister from his council of ministers in case he refuses to resign on his own.

Reportedly, around 90 to 100 parents under the banner of Madhya Pradesh Palak Mahasangh had gathered at the minister’s official residence in Bhopal. The union claimed that schools were charging huge fees in violation of High Court orders that allows schools to charge only tuition fee.

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The Sangathan asked Inder Singh Parmar to intervene and help reduce the fees, claiming that they were having difficulty in meeting the costs as income is impacted by covid19 pandemic.

The video of the incident also went viral in which Inder Singh Parmar can be seen saying “marna hai to maro, jaa ke andolan karo” (die if you want to, go and stage protest) after parents asked what they would do if authorities refuse to accept their plea.

Following the incident, the union president Kamal Vishwakarma said that the minister should apologize to parens and resign if he finds it difficult to listen to pleas.

Meanwhile, supporting the Palak Mahasangh, Congress Spokesperson Narendra Saluja called the minister a ‘shameless person’ and said, “parents union went to meet him for relief, but he showed an irresponsible attitude. He should be fired immediately.”