Good news for Dera Beas pilgrims as Amritsar-Delhi Vande Bharat gets a stop in Beas

The VB express has two additional stops, one in Dera Beas due to RSSB headed by Gurinder Singh and one in Phagwara courtesy of LPU

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The Amritsar-Delhi Vande Bharat which formally had stops in Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Ambala will now have 2 additional stops in Beas and Phagwara. The first train journey is set to be revealed on December 30 by PM Narendra Modi. According to sources, the inaugural train of Vande Bharat will depart from Amritsar at 11 am on December 30 and reach Beas at 11:40 AM and Jalandhar Cantt railway station at 12:12 PM. 

The train recieved a stop in Beas on the RSSB's (Radha Soami Satsang Beas) influence. There are a large amount of pilgrims from nearby Dera Beas due to which the Railway department decided for a stop in Beas. 


The regular morning schedule of the VB express will be as follows:

The Vande Bharat will depart from Amritsar at 8:05 AM. It will have 5 stoppages including Beas-Phagwara and will run for 6 days except Friday. It will arrive in Beas at 8:33 AM will have a 2 minute stop. It will then arrive at Jalandhar Cantt. Station at 9:12 AM and reach Ludhiana at 9:56 AM. It will arrive at Ambala in 11:14 AM and reach the final stop at Delhi at 1:30 PM in the afternoon.


The evening schedule is set to be as follows: 

It’s departure from Delhi will be at 1:13 PM. It will reach Ambala Cantt at 5:25 PM, Ludhiana at 6:36 PM, Phagwara at 7:08 PM and Jalandhar Cantt at 7:20 PM. It will arrive at the Beas station at 7:59 pm and then reach Amritsar at 8:40 PM in the night. There will be a stoppage of 2 minutes each at all stations.


Amritsar-Delhi Vande Bharat express is set to be inaugurated along with several other Vande Bharat routes by PM Narendra Modi on December 30.