"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." --Walt Disney

Harjot Kaur fulfilled her grandfather's dream and became the Vice Captain of Punjab Sub Junior Hockey Team. Sansarpur village which falls in Jalandhar Cantonment constituency has a very special place in the history of sports. Not many know, that this small village has produced as many as 14 Olympians — nine have played for India, four for Kenya and one for Canada — and all belong to the same street here.

Now, 16-year-old Harjot Kaur has again made the people of Jalandhar proud. She belongs to Jaitwali village in Jalandhar district. This achievement of Harjot Kaur has bought a wave of happiness to her entire family. Harjot Kaur left for Bathinda today for her next camp of this tournament.

Her grandfather Karnail Singh is extremely proud of her. He always dreamed that one day his grandson would participate in games and make his country famous. He said, "I used to tell my son that his children are very good at running and they should be encouraged to play hockey. Today Harjot Kaur's thinking and hard work paid off which made Harjot Kaur the Vice-Captain of Punjab Sub Junior Team. Now I want my granddaughter to excel in hockey and make the country famous."

Shaminder Singh, father of Harjot, said, "Harjot Kaur from a small village is still the vice-captain of Punjab sub-junior team but now he hopes that Harjot Kaur will go further in future and also be a part of Indian women's hockey. Team."

"Since childhood, I and my younger brother used to play hockey on the terrace of their house, from where they became fond of playing hockey. This time when I saw the women's hockey team playing in the Olympics, I also wished that one day I would also play hockey for the Indian hockey team at the Olympic ground in India. I am grateful to my grandfather Karnail Singh and coach Rajinder Singh. With their guidance, I was able to achive this goal in my life," shared Harjot.


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