Hours after tendering his resignation, Capt Amarinder Singh has grilled Punjab PCC president Navjot Singh Sidhu over his connections with neighbouring Pakistan.
In an interview with a reputed news agency, furious Capt Amarinder has linked Sidhu’s probable election as new CM to the matter of national security. “Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, is a close friend of his," said Capt adding that "Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has a relation with Sidhu."
Mr Amarinder went on to say that “Party leadership can make him Punjab PCC, but "for the sake of my country, I will oppose Sidhu’s nomination for Punjab Chief Minister.”
Meanwhile, calling Sidhu “a total disaster” Capt questioned, “How can he manage the entire state of Punjab if he can't even handle one ministry?” “This is not acceptable to me,” he added.
Showing distrust in Navjot Sidhu, Mr Amarinder went on to say that “Punjab witnesses smuggling of drugs, weapons and explosives constantly.” This makes the situation serious and for the national security, “I firmly oppose Sidhu’s nomination as the new CM.

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Reportedly, MLAs have passed a resolution handing all powers to Party president Sonia Gandhi to make a decision, with the final call being acceptable to all CLP members.
Earlier, reports of Capt quitting Congress were aired, however, he confirmed he’s in the party for now. “I am in the Congress. Will consult with my supporters and decide the future course of action,” he remarked after resigning.
When asked about his future course of action, Capt Amarinder said, "Future politics is always an option and I will definitely opt that at a right time".

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