Kabul no longer felt like home for Sawinder Singh after the Taliban took over Afghanistan last year. He ran a ‘Paan’ shop near the gurudwara, but always wanted to come back to Delhi as his whole family lived there. He had applied for an e-visa which was approved on Sunday.

Gurudwara Karte Parwan allegedly attacked the ISIS terrorists on Saturday morning to take revenge over Prophet Muhammad’s remarks. In this whole attack, two people lost their lives and Sawinder Singh was one of them.

“He was trying to get a visa ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan,” his wife Pal Kaur breaks into tears while narrating how she feared for her husband ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan’s capital last year.  “Had he got his visa in time he would not have died this brutally,” ads his wife.

Sawinder Singh was taking a bath when he was fatally shot multiple times, said kin of the Afghan Sikh man who is among the two persons killed in a terror attack on a gurdwara in Kabul.

Several blasts tore through Gurdwara Karte Parwan which was home to at least 150 Sikhs, who have been staying there since the fall of the Ashraf Ghani government last August. Singh was also a Granthi at the Gurudwara. Day after the attack took place, India approved e-visas for over 100 Sikhs and Hindus living in Afghanistan.

In Delhi, family members of Sawinder Singh are mourning the loss of a loved one, as they struggle to put behind the horrid images of the attack and his wife is not in a state to speak anything.


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