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The whole world was hoping to go back to normalcy but now Covid-19 has struck back with a new terror, named Omicron. The emerging new variant has proved that the pandemic has not been over yet. The variant was started as a new localized variant of South Africa has now jumped to various other countries. The World Health Organisation in its weekly epidemiological update has warned that the risk posed by the Omicron variant is still 'very high'. Omicron is behind rapid virus spikes in several countries, including those where it has already overtaken the previous dominant Delta variant. 

The variant has also reached India and on Thursday, the country reported 961 Omicron cases. Of these the national capital registered the highest cases of Omicron infection at 263, followed by Maharashtra at 252 so far. 

According to the latest studies, Omicron is highly transmissible and spread at a fast speed. The variant also shows more mutations as compared to the other variants, including Delta. Apart from this, the variant also shows different symptoms, which should also be watched out for by fully vaccinated citizens. 

Here’s the list of the symptoms of the new variant:- 

Running nose: According to a UK study, running or stuffy nose is one of the symptoms of Covid-19’s new variant. The study reveals that if you feel sniffles, headaches and tiredness then you may be positive for Omicron. 

Fatigue: Fatigue and lethargy are other symptoms of this variant. If you notice fatigue, cold and cough, then you should get tested!

Cough: As per the reports, cough is one of the most common symptoms, witnessed in fully vaccinated people. It may be confused by the common flu but one must get tested as in recent past people with a cough have tested positive for the Omicron variant. 

Fever: Fever and feeling chills is one another symptom, which is common among the people who tested positive for Covid’s Omicron. 

Headache and Muscle Pain: According to the reports, muscles pain is one of the signs of Covid-19’s Omicron as 58 percent of positive people have complained about this symptom. On the same breadth, headache is also one of the common signs, although it may be caused because of many other reasons. 

However, the symptoms of common Covid-19 include fever, headache, cough & cold and lost sense of smell and taste.

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