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The year 2021 is about to end. Amid rising Covid-19 cases, various restrictions are imposed by the state government to control the situation. People are avoiding mass gatherings and planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve at their homes.

Many are stuck under quarantine missing their loved ones. But don’t be sad. You can still have a great New Year Eve while being in quarantine. Here are some fun ideas to make the last day of 2021 special:

1. Watch a NYE theme movie

‘Netflix and Chill’ is always a good idea. All you need to do is select any good movie and watch it on the OTT platform. Light a few candles settle down with your favourite food and enjoy your movie time.

2. Dress up in your ‘Comfies’

Take out your favourite comfortable dress and get ready to pamper yourself. Who cares if the only one who sees it is you? All you need to do is click some good pictures and save them as your quarantine memories.

3. Connect virtually with your loved ones

In such a technologically advanced world, getting connected with your loved ones is no more a tough job. All you need to do is just video call your near and dears and spend some quality time by getting virtually connected.

4. Read a book

Explore some good books written by good authors. If you are a peace lover, you will definitely enjoy reading sitting calmly in your room. You can opt for some inspirational and motivational books to kick start your New Year with great zeal.

5. Play online games with friends

Many games can be played online with friends. Various apps provide this facility to connect online with your family and friends. You can find tons of games – Monopoly, Bingo, Ludo, UNO and many more to play online.

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