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The year 2021 is nearing its end. We have survived another year with the Covid-19 pandemic and people are looking forward to partying on New Year's Eve after missing several festivals and events owing to the outbreak of Coronavirus. As the threat of the Omicron variant is looming, there are chances that people might 2021 eve at their homes to avoid huge gatherings. 

But don’t worry, we have brought some of the tips, which will make your New Year’s Eve special and interesting… Scroll down to know the tips which will make your celebrations memorable yet responsible!

TIP 1: Host a virtual party!

You may connect with your friends and family through the virtual event. It will be an inexpensive way to connect with people without the time and expense of travelling, which means people from across the country can participate in your virtual party. 

You may decorate your room, as usual, order food, drinks and enjoy the eve!

TIP 2: Organise a small party!

If feasible, decorate your home, make dinner, dress up and call your nearest friends and family members to bid farewell to 2021. Talk, play games, watch movies, click photographs; most importantly make life-long memories, with your “real” ones.

TIP 3: Plan a virtual game night!

Here’s another tip for your 2021 New Year’s… Organise or be a part of virtual game night. You have many choices like card games, charades, pictionary, this or that, would you rather, and board games. You can also celebrate the eve with e-games, which support multi-players.

TIP 4: Rent a movie theatre!

To make your eve more special, you may rent a movie theatre for your immediate family and friends and enjoy the movie night, welcome to the year!

TIP 5: Plan a date for yourself!

Get dressed, just for yourself. Party, go to your favourite restaurant, drink your favourite beverage, watch your favourite movie and do whatever you want to do. Just ENJOY and welcome the new year with a smile and joy!

We Wish You A Happy New Year… Stay Safe, Stay Happy & Enjoy The New Year…!

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