John Marley once said, “Books worth reading once are worth reading twice, the masterpieces of literature are worth reading a thousand times”. Books are the potable magic that is like a gift to every individual. Every book promotes the intellectual growth of a person by which they even improve their imagination power.

Mentioning some of the books which are worth reading and spending time on: 

Zen: The Art of Simple Living 
The book is written by ‘Shunmyo Masuno’ who was a Japanese Monk and a garden designer. He was once a Prof. at Tama Art University and was well-known for blending modern designs with traditional Japanese design. The book is written with a perspective that you need to live simply. The reason everyone should read this book is, that it teaches us to deal with the complexities of life. You better change yourself, if you want the world to change. One just requires a subtle shift in perspective to change the lifestyle. The author has suggested many changes that one can implement in their life. Some of those are Never skipping meals, avoiding using a loud voice, finding out the benefits of a vegetable-centric diet and many more which you can discover while reading the book. The readers can go to Audible Books and Originals to start the book, Amazon’s website and Flipkart to get their hands on the book. 

The Shame’s on you
The book is written down by ‘Khyati Kohli’ who happens to be the Managing Director of ‘True Scoop News’. She pursued her bachelors from the University of California. Through her novel, she has put forward the questions that we’re afraid of asking as a woman. The book is worth reading as the author has challenged the misogynistic Indian society. The theme of the book is to empower the woman which allows her to live liberally. The author says that women end up getting a dictator in the name of a life partner. So, how can one live freely and reshape the wrong practices will be learned from the book. The classic novel is available on Amazon and Flipkart. 

Atomic Habits 
The book has been written by ‘James Clear’ who has always focused on habits, and decision making and believes in continuous improvement. The book suggests building good habits and breaking the bad ones. The page cover of the book says ‘Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results’ which means that small habits have hidden surprising power. Anyone can change a bad habit but only if they choose the right path to change it. This is something that is proven in the book which makes the book a deserving one to be read by the audience. If you are ready to change your habits then get your hands on the book through Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal. 

The Courage to Be Disliked
Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga are the authors of the book. The book suggests that one should not look into the future by determining their past, this can be a dangerous belief. The book also gives learning that never has made up competition. This becomes a reason which later hurts your happiness. Always find your mistake and that will give a reason to hate yourself. This helps in analyzing your personality as well. The audience can get their hands on the book through the Kindle free reading App and Flipkart.

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