World Book Day 2022: A perfect day that suggests to everyone ‘You are a reader’

The idea of the day is to promote reading and also love the books people have.

World-book-day UNESCO William-Shakespeare
23rd April is coined as the ‘World Book Day’ which is celebrated in the memory of the birth and death anniversary of many renowned authors. One of those well-established authors was William Shakespeare who gave almost 375 poems. It was decided by UNESCO in 1995 to celebrate World Book Day. The idea of the day is to promote reading and also love the books people have. Along with this, copyright day is also celebrated which generates awareness about the copyright issues.

The reason behind choosing this particular day: 

The day 23rd April is marked as an important and symbolic day because on the many days prominent literary people like Shakespeare, Cervantes and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega died. All of them were great contributors to the field of literature and did some remarkable work. So, the day also serves as a tribute to all of them.

The theme and significance of the day:

The theme of the day is to pass a message to the audience that ‘You are a reader’. The day suggests that everybody during their walks in life should have an access to educate themselves through reading. The significance of the day is to promote intellectual growth in children and encourage them to indulge in lifelong reading habits.  Reading has become an important aspect of life as now it is the bridge to tackle misinformation. Books can inspire us, inform us and even contribute to generating new ideas. They can be life lessons as well which leads us to a brighter