Anaya recently opened up about her long struggle with kidney failure. She revealed in an Instagram post that her kidneys were only two percent functional. She asked for financial help as her family including her are going through a rough time. Her condition had become worse in the past few days and she needed immediate medical attention.

During an interview Anaya spoke about how back in 2015 both her kidneys had failed and her father had donated one of his kidneys. Without warnings or any symptoms, the donated kidney had started deteriorating and she was in need of a fresh transplant.

At present, Anaya is admitted in the Holy Spirit Hospital in Mumbai. She also opened up that all her funds were over and her family is going through a rough time. “ My mom had a garments business. My brother was doing well. Her clothes and his machines got all burnt some time ago, when my house caught fire. Sab kuch khatam ho gaya ( everything is over). We are just hand-to-mouth now,” said Anaya in a recent interview.  

She also added that “ They are giving me medicines to bring down my creatinine, which was over nine when I got admitted. Too much more to go. Dialysis has not yet begun, that will take some time. We are also looking for a donor” she added.

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In terms of work, Anaya is well known for her contribution in the all time famous serials like ‘Adalat’, ‘Ishq Mein Marjawan’, ‘Naamkarann’ and ‘Crime Petrol’. She has also worked in a few films including ‘ Take It Easy’ (2015) and ‘ Hai Apna Dil Toh Awaara’ (2016). She was currently working on a Telugu show named Rudrama Devi before her health condition deteriorated.

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