Which prison Hunter Biden be sent to if sentenced to jail? US President's son found guilty in fire arm case

If Hunter Biden is imprisoned, he will likely be placed in a comfortable California facility.

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If Hunter Biden is sentenced to prison, he will likely be placed in a comfortable California facility for a short period. He may have access to amenities such as yoga classes, the ocean breeze, and possibly a private living area to accommodate his Secret Service detail, as suggested by legal experts quoted by US media. 

On Tuesday, June 11, Hunter was found guilty of lying about his drug addiction to purchase a gun in 2018. The maximum sentence he could face is up to 25 years behind bars, but it is unlikely that he would receive the maximum sentence or any sentence at all.

There's a belief that he might be sent to Federal Corrections Institute Lompoc in California, as mentioned by Wall Street Prison Consultants director Larry Levine while talking to a US media portal. This facility is located two hours northwest of Hunter’s home in Malibu and is considered a prime location due to its pleasant setting.

Larry, who has served time in various federal prisons, mentioned that the facility at Lompoc offers a comfortable environment with nearby amenities and good living conditions. He also believes that Hunter may not have to spend more than 36 months in jail, and with good behavior, he could be released in half that time.

In addition to yoga and exercise, Hunter may have access to up to five visits lasting from two to six hours each month, as well as approximately 500 minutes of phone calls. Possible prison jobs during the day could include cleaning dishes, janitorial work, or clerical tasks, with an hourly wage of $5.25.

Considering that he is the son of President Joe Biden, it is likely that Secret Service detail will accompany him to prison. This could mean that Hunter may be given private quarters away from the prison population, and Secret Service officers may live with him.

Similar low-security prisons Hunter Biden could be placed in include FCI Terminal Island in Los Angeles and FCI Victorville Camp, both located within a few hours' drive from Malibu.