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IIT-Delhi: Over 300 students get internship offers in the first phase of online internship drive.

More than 300 students of IIT-Delhi have been offered an Internship Program in the first phase of a virtual internship drive for the academic year 2020-21. The internship drive began on September 6.

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi students have received over 300 internship offers in the first phase of the online Internship drive for the academic year 2020-21.  
The internship session was conducted for the students of the second year, third-year students of the fourth year in B-tech courses, and also for the students in the fourth year of five dual degree programmes. This year's placement was held virtually due to the pandemic. Some students bagged multiple internships offers as well. 
The first phase of online virtual internship started on September 6. Selection procedure from registrations to selection interviews was conducted through online mode using multiple e-resources. Even company presentations, company pre-processes including tests, group discussions, etc was also conducted online.

The institute received training offers from several international companies from countries like South Korea, Hong Kong and the US. More than 150 organisations who have already registered for the current hiring season. The final hiring process will begin in January 2021. 

Anisha O Madan, Head, Office of Career Services (OCS), IIT-Delhi said, “The number of selections has been quite impressive for the undergraduate students of the institute who have opted for summer internship for Summer 2021. We hope that the robust intern hiring numbers at the start of the season are an indication of hiring numbers in final placement as well.” 

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“The entire OCS team is also gearing up for the upcoming placement season and we look forward to welcoming recruiters on the campus in a virtual mode to facilitate them in hiring top IIT Delhi talents for their companies”, Madan added. 
Several institutes in India have opted for virtual internship drives, due to the pandemic. IIT-Madras was the first institute to start with online internship process earlier this year and has completed round one of the internships. IIT-Ahmedabad has postponed its placement process which will start in December. Meanwhile, IIT Delhi has introduced B. Tech in Engineering & Computational Mechanics course for JEE Advanced qualified candidates. B.Tech Tech in Engineering & Computational Mechanics course will help students to get exposed to fundamental aspects of mechanics, including emerging areas like Biomechanics, Nano-mechanics, Multi-scale Modeling, Machine learning, and AI.   

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