In 2024 world's biggest earthquake will hit claims time traveller

The self-proclaimed time traveller also claimed humans will soon discover the largest creature in history

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The concept of time traveling has been fascinating humans for several years, but until now, modern science has not succeeded in developing a technique that could allow humans to travel to the past and present. However, several conspiracy theorists believe that the time-traveling technique is already here on earth, and due to its curious nature, YouTube and other social media platforms are loaded with videos related to this topic. And now, a TikTok user who claims himself as a time traveler has bizarrely predicted events that could happen on earth in the future. 

The world’s biggest earthquake and the discovery of the largest creature in the world are going to take place in the next few years, or so a self-proclaimed "time traveller" has bizarrely claimed.

Warning us that he should be taken seriously, TikTok user follow_for_follow.08 starts his clip by saying: "This is not a joke. I am a time traveller. This is a brief summary of what's to come in the near future."

The time traveler later predicted that the biggest earthquake humans have ever witnessed will happen in 2024. He also made it clear that this earthquake will happen in California, and it could be devastating. 

The video doesn’t give much detail, but does show us a picture of under the sea, alongside the caption “2022: The largest creature ever, the Cerine Croin is discovered."

However, the video did not provide any authentic proof to substantiate their claims, and later, it was revealed that they made all these clips using amateur actors who pretend as time travellers.