In the latest edition of RSS-affiliated Panchajanya, it has been alleged that Bengaluru-based IT company Infosys has links with “Naxals, Leftists and tukde tukde gang” and is deliberately trying to destabilize the Indian economy. It further stated that the company also had links with other “Anti-National” forces.

The weekly journal has raised the allegation in the section “Saakh Aur Aaghaat (Reputation or Harm)”

Earlier, the vilification has targeted individuals, activists, some sections on campuses and some in the political opposition. Infosys is a major software company and is one of the key blue-chip home-grown pioneers in the economy. The latest edition of the journal has alleged that there are glitches in the new Income Tax e-filing portal developed by Infosys.

Infosys got the contract in 2019 and the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman summoned Infosys CEO Salil Parekh and gave the company time, until September 15, to fix these glitches.

The article, citing problems is a website for GST and Ministry of Cooperate Affairs, read, “When these things happen repeatedly, it is bound to raise suspicion. There are accusations that the Infosys management is deliberately trying to destabilize India’s economy… Could it be that some anti-national power is trying to harm India’s economic interests through Infosys?”

The article has further asked the software company, “Will Infosys provide this same kind of shoddy service to foreign clients.”

When Panchajanya editor Hitesh Shankar was asked about the allegation by media daily, Indian Express, he said, “The cover story is about a big corporate (Infosys) whose work’s quality is not up to its reputation. This not only hampers the company’s reputation but also causes inconvenience to a crore of people… This kind of role and deliveries create dissatisfaction in society.”

He added, “If Infosys is not involved in socially questionable/propaganda funding, it must come out and state the facts… we are writing about the dissatisfaction that has arisen in the society. The company must clarify whether it is a software company or an instrument to engineer social anger.”

The magazine said that it did not have any evidence to prove its claim but the company’s “history and circumstances” is enough to prove the charges.

It said, “Infosys is accused of assisting Naxals, Leftists and Tukde Tukde Gang. The issue of Infosys directly or indirectly supporting divisive forces in the country has already come out in the open. It is believed (that) misinformation websites… is funded by Infosys. Some organizations that spread caste hatred are also beneficiaries of Infosys’s charity.”

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“Shouldn’t Infosys promoters be asked what is the reason for the company’s funding of anti-national and anarchist organizations? Should companies of such suspect character be allowed to participate in the government-tendering process?,” it further said while adding, “One of the promoters of Infosys is Nandan Nilekani who has contested Lok Sabha polls on a Congress ticket. The company’s founder NR Narayana Murthy’s opposition to the incumbent government’s ideology is not hidden from anyone. Infosys appoints people subscribing to a certain ideology on important posts… If such a company gets important government tenders, wouldn’t there be a threat of influence from China and the ISI?”


It further said that the policies of the company would hurt the idea of Atmanirbhar India.

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