Amidst growing debate on excessive force used by the cops of the United States of America, a video of Los Angeles deputies thrashing a black security guard and putting a gun to his head is going viral on social media. An investigative journalist based in Los Angeles named Cerise Castle shared the shocking video on her Twitter handle and the video 90 second footage has been going viral ever since then. As per Castle, the 'black' security guard named Blake Anderson at the Good Batch Lounge was brutally beaten by deputy Rodriguez and his partner. Furthermore, one of the cops also pulled out a gun and pointed at Anderson's head sending horrors to the crowd. Castle also revealed that due to the merciless beating of the Los Angeles Deputies, Blake Anderson lost vision in his eyes and currently he is being charged with assault on a police officer.

To be precise, two deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department arrived at the Good Batch Lounge in Inglewood on Sunday morning and began beating a man she identified as Blake Anderson. Castle further wrotes, "Multiple times during this video, the deputy puts a gun to Blake’s head. Blake told me he at this point the deputy said to him, 'I’m going to blow your fu*king brains out.' This took place in Inglewood, which is out of the @LASDHQ jurisdiction."

Castle then shared a CCTV footage from the Good Batch Lounge nearby area which showcased the cops thrashing the security guard for no reason. She writes, "I obtained video from a nearby business that shows @LASDHQ pulled into the parking lot, jumped out and attacked Blake Anderson as he walked with a friend. Blake has since lost his eyesight a result of this brutal beating."

In the Inglewood Good Batch Lounge viral video, it can be seen the crowd is horrified by the Policemen's violent behavior. Among the crowd of people witnessing the incident, a woman can be seen yelling at the deputies: "He's security here." "Don't resist, they're a gang!" another person at the scene is heard saying. Earlier this year, the Los Angeles County Civilian Oversight Commission announced an investigation into "the deputy gangs that have plagued the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for decades." Despite this, the Policemen continue to thrash the security guard and punched on his face in front of everyone.

Watch Los Angeles Deputies Black Security Guard Viral Video

Netizens in shock over Los Angeles Deputies Black Security Guard Viral Video

After the video went viral, a user wrote, "Whoever is prosecuting this person should drop the charges yesterday."

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Another user wrote, "I think what always shocks me in the “let’s wait for the whole story” comments is the fact that so many Americans don’t understand that even if this was a criminal this would still not be okay behavior for police."

"What was the pretext for LASD to even be there?" added another user.

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