In what can be called a bizarre incident, a man in New York, USA burnt a Bangladeshi restaurant after he received a botched-up order of Chicken Biryani. Yes! you heard it right. The shocking incident was caught on CCTV and ever since then, New York Bangladeshi restaurant biryani video has been going viral on social media. In fact, New York man chicken biryani viral video has started getting traction from global media as it has stunned almost everyone on social media.

The man was identified as Choephel Norbu who is 49 years old. New York Post quoted him saying that he was drunk and he did not receive chicken biryani and therefore he was angry. "I was very drunk. I bought chicken biryani. They didn’t give me chicken biryani. I was mad, and I threw it out," 49-year-old Choephel Norbu told police officials after he was taken under arrest. However, Norbu was released from custody within a day after he was arrested by the Police. Norbu further said, "I bought a gas can, and I threw it at the store to try to burn it out. I lit it up, and boom, it got on me. The incident was captured on security cameras. Norbu told the police that he had ordered the savoury rice dish at Jackson Heights’ Ittadi Garden and Grill restaurant on October 1, but had received the wrong order.

In the New York man chicken biryani viral video it can be seen a man standing outside a restaurant and looking here and there. Seeing there are not many people or passersby around, he spilled the gasoline can on the shutter of the restaurant and set the whole place on fire.

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More on the New York Chicken Biryani incident

US media quoted a waitress at the restaurant saying that the man had ordered chicken biryani, however when served, he screamed and threw it at their face. It is pertinent to mention here that after the argument, the man set the restaurant on fire with gasoline during the wee hours of the next day.

“He ordered chicken biriyani and the people here behind the counter they take his order and when they bring it to him… He yells, ‘what is this?’ They say, ‘your order, chicken biriyani,’ and he throws it in their face! We don’t know why he just throws it in their face! It was just crazy!” Jahana Rahman, a waitress at the restaurant, told The Post.

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