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Damoh (Madhya Pradesh): On Thursday, the Income-tax Department raided multiple locations in Damoh belonging to liquor baron Shankar Rai and his family, which lasted until late Friday night. From his home, IT officials seized Rs 8 crore in cash, 3 kg of gold, and damning documents.

Munmun Sharma, Joint Commissioner of the Income Tax Department in Jabalpur, led the raid. According to sources, the confiscated cash included a sack stuffed in a water container with Rs 1 crore in cash.

With a hair dryer and an iron, the IT staff dried the currency. On social media, a video of the incident went viral.

Following the operation, Sharma stated that the probe will proceed based on the confiscated documents, which would be held in Bhopal.

The raid, according to accounts, began at 6 a.m. on Thursday and lasted 39 hours. More than ten locations belonging to Shankar Rai's family were raided by Income Tax officials.

Shankar Rai is a former Municipality President and a member of the Congress Party; his brother Kamal Rai is a member of the BJP and a former Vice President of the Municipality.
According to sources, the Rai family also operated a money loan business, as well as a transportation, hotel, bar, and gas station.

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