Police brutely hits driver with a baton, asks him to fall on the feet of woman

The brutal face of Punjab Police came into the light after a video from Phillaur Police Station came into the headlines.

After a fight with a woman on the road, the driver was taken to the Police Station. He was beaten with sticks and ordered to fall on the feet of a woman and apologize. 

The police officials tried to suppress the matter but the incident was recorded by someone, who eyewitnessed the incident. After the video has gone viral, Action was taken against the ASI, who assaulted the truck driver. 

Truck driver Rachpal Singh, who lives at Phillaur's village Kutwebal said that he works at Coca-Cola Factory. On April 17, he was returning after unloading the goods in Jalandhar, on his way he stopped to take a meal. After taking the meal, when he returned back to his truck the woman was standing near his truck. And he asked her to get a side, a fight was started after this. After ignoring the fight with a woman he sat in his truck and when he was about to leave, a group of people came and started the fight. The police were then called and the driver along with his truck was taken to the Phillaur Police Station.  

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On reaching the police station the police officer started assaulting the driver and said him to apologize to the woman. The ASI was taking the papers of the truck but returned after the driver pleaded.

Now, Rachpal Singh has now filed a complaint against ASI and requested the Police Commissioner to take action in favor of him. 

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