Jalandhar Robbery: Thieves swipe thousands worth of gold and silver from newly opened jewelery shops

The robbers looted the Amit Jeweler and Sri Nath Jeweler for thousands worth of gold and silver, one of the shops was opened just 4 days ago

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2 jeweler shops in Jalandhar were targeted by robbers who successfully robbed the shop for significant worth. One of the shops was just opened 4 days ago according to reports. The shops in question are the Amit Jeweler and Shri Nath Jeweler. The robbers reportedly stole almost all of the shop’s content along with nearly 10 to 12 thousand in cash. The jewelry boxes were found discarded in a dry canal. The matter is being investigated.


The owner of Amit Jeweler informs that he got a call at 4 in the morning that said there was a theft at his shop. Upon reaching there he saw that the thieves had thrown the boxes in a nearby dry canal. The case was reported to police who arrived to survey the scene. The thieves got away with 40 kg silver and 400 grams gold. According to him, the robbery was carried out by 8 to 10 miscreants. In the CCTV footage, faces of two of the robbers is visible. The robbers reportedly arrived on a yellow bus.


A few steps away, Sri Nath Jewelers was also targeted by robbers. The shop owner similarly reveals that he was informed about the theft via a phone call in the morning. He further informs that he only owned the shop for about a month and had opened just 4 days ago. The thieves reportedly got away with good worth INR 60 to 70 thousands. 


The police says that the CCTV footage is being scrutinized. They confirm that the shop had been in operation for 4 days. They further say that the investigation is underway and the miscreants will be apprehended soon.