Jalandhar sees dip in voter turnout in Lok Sabha Elections 2024; Check area-wise percentage

Jalandhar seat was being considered as the most interesting battle to witness because of the candidates contesting.

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The voting for Punjab concluded on 1st June 2024 in the seventh and last phase of Lok Sabha Elections. The result will be announced on 4th June 2024. This was for the very first time that Punjab witnessed four-cornered elections. All the major 4 political parties namely AAP, BJP, Congress and SAD contested for elections without any alliance. Jalandhar seat was being considered as the most interesting battle to witness because of the candidates contesting. First, let’s get into the voters’ turnout for assembly elections of the year 2024. Jalandhar’s total turnout of voters this year was 59.07% as of 11:45 pm report. Jalandhar has shown a decrease of 3.97% because in 2019 the voters’ turnout was 63.04%.

The major candidates who contested elections from this seat are Pawan Kumar Tinu (AAP), Sushil Kumar Rinku (BJP), Charanjit Singh Channi (Congress), and Mohinder Singh Kaypee (SAD). Jalandhar would again be an interesting face-off for upcoming assembly elections. As Channi and Tinu who are known Dalit face contested against Sushil Rinku who has changed parties for third time but enjoys a good repo among Jalandhar residents. On Jalandhar’s Lok Sabha Seat the main fight would be between Congress candidate and former Punjab CM Charanjit Singh Channi and BJP’s Sushil Rinku as per analysis. However, the result might come as a surprise for everyone as political dynamics change a lot even in the last days of elections.

Getting into the detail of what acts as a positive point that can help the candidate from each party win the Jalandhar LS seat. First is BJP’s Sushil Kumar Rinku, he has done a great amount of work when he won the elections the last time. He is a known Dalit face in Jalandhar and might get the Hindu votes due to their faith in his work. Former CM Charanjit Singh Channi contesting from Congress’s side might emerge victorious as he is the former CM of Punjab and is a famous Dalit face of Jalandhar. AAP’s Pawan Kumar Tinu is popular among the local people and enjoys a good image. Has never been into any controversy and has good political experience. All these factors work in his favour in this assembly elections. Lastly, SAD’s Mohinder Singh Kaypee is also a Dalit face of Jalandhar and Channi's relative. He has a good and clean image. 

Jalandhar has in total of 1951 polling stations. The constituency consists of 8,54,048 males, 7,87,781 females and 43 transgenders making a total of 16,41,872 voters.

Jalandhar's area-wise voters turnout

  1. Adampur- 58.50%
  2. Jalandhar Cantt- 57.95%
  3. Jalandhar Central- 56.40%
  4. Jalandhar North-62.10%
  5. Jalandhar West- 64%
  6. Kartarpur- 57.98%
  7. Nakodar- 58.40%
  8. Phillaur- 57.80%
  9. Shahkot- 58.79%