Jalandhar's Lovely Autos' owners duped of over Rs 53 lakhs on 'bogus call & email'; FIR filed

Jalandhar Police have filed an FIR on five individuals on the complaint of SBI Shaheed Udham Singh Nagar's Branch Manager for duping Lovely Auto owners.

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In a shocking development, Jalandhar's famous Lovely Autos owners were duped over Rs 53 lakhs by fraudsters. The  Police have filed an FIR into the Lovely Auto fraud case and have started an investigation. According to State Bank of India, Shaheed Udham Singh Nagar branch manager Shilpi Rani, has filed a complaint to the police in which she has revealed fraud of more than Rs 53 lakh. 


In her Lovely Auto fraud FIR, a complaint was given against 5 people named Ram Babu, Sadam Hussain, Laxman Kumar, Sachin, and Nitin Kumar. As per the FIR filed by the Branch Manager, Lovely Autos has a current account in the same bank. In November 2023, the branch manager received a call from someone who identified himself as Amit Mittal, and the authorized official of the bank account operated by Lovely Autos. Shortly after that, another call came from someone who introduced himself as Naresh Mittal, partner of Lovely Autos, and asked 4-5 people to pay immediately but also said that he did not have the checkbook. The man acting as Naresh Mittal reportedly told the bank that the company's cheque cook arrive in a few days, so payment should be made in the accounts of these people. However, the bank asked the man to send an email to the bank for confirmation. 


Despite this, the fraudsters sent a mail to the bank in the name of Naresh Mittal of Lovely Autos in which the names of the 5 people mentioned above, bank names, I.F.C. Codes, etc were marked. Each individual had a different bank account number in the Email. The email asked the bank to transfer Rs 9.25 lakh to Sachin Kumar's account, Rs 9.16 lakh to Laxman's account, Rs 9.52 lakh to Nitin's account, Rs 7 lakh to Sadam Hussain's account, and Rs 9.83 lakh to Ram Babu Das's account. Hence, the bank transferred the stated amount to the said accounts on 16th and 17th November 2023 but no original documents were sent to the bank till 5th December.


Following that, a complaint was sent by Lovely Autos in which it was said that no funds were asked to be transferred to the accounts of the above 5 people. On being probed, it came to light that these 5 people were frauds and they not only made bogus calls in the name of Amit Mittal, Naresh Mittal, the e-mails were also bogus. Police have started investigation in this regard. The statement of the branch manager has also been recorded during the initial investigation.


After investigating the entire case, sections 403, 420, 465, 468, 471, 120B and 66D I.T have been invoked against the fraudsters.


Jalandhar's famous Love Autos' owners duped of over Rs 53 lakhs; FIR filed