Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji initiated to restore humanity, fear free and knowledgeable to create ideal human being!! One scholar pointed out that ′′ Jani jane ta bhagat jan ke data ke pig nahi jani baanjh rahe kay gawa gawa nur Meaning three types of people are the best devotee, giver and warrior.


Religious person can leave home or rest from the world and do devotion, but to become a giver you have to earn a hand and be a warrior you have to protect your country and society!!

The country was slaves and the foreign rulers were oppressing, the priests had made religion a means of daily bread!!

Truth is black and bad, Kali is used, Kali is lost.

You sowed the seeds and took away the leaves, now why do you grow the pulses!!


Lubu and sin are two kings, the greatness is the Sikdar!!

If you ask about the work, you think about it!!

Blind people are full of knowledge, people are dead.


To awaken the people, Guru ji took the path of contact, dialogue to bring the priests, Qazis, wealthy, Ahlkar and king kings to the right path, to whom Guru Nanak came in contact with, the lives of all those who were changed!!

Don't kill saints if you are educated!!

We don't digest our name as we want to grow!!


Pilgrimage of Guru Sahib also visit. Were for dialogue instead of bathing!!

Dialogue happened with Kazian, Priest Pandya, Siddha!!

Manas eats blessings!! knife throws three throats!! Brahmins in three houses!! They also come to the same place!!

Kings Rajwari and kings had dialogue with fearlessness. They were sent to be justice to the society instead of being blood drinking dogs!!

By saying that Gristi religion is best, he inspired to adopt charity and guest service in it!!

Surta Chuli is the community of the Yogi of knowledge!! Brahmin stuli is the gift of satisfaction!! Raje Chuli Niyav has read the truth!!

The king's religion is just to do justice!! But even today everything is reversed!! Does the society need some initiative to guide the Guru while celebrating 550 years of Prakash Purab!!


You are a beautiful colorful pearl!! I have tolerated the things from you!! I have put my heart on your heart!! I have destroyed the temple and made the stones to live!! I have forgotten so much group that you do not sit beside me!!


This is how the creature woman is kuchji

Some changes have to be made to be honest:

May the throne be praised, may the beggars be sad!! May the lotus be filled with the sky!! May the good be praised and the good be praising the god!!

What did I listen to Jia Maghu say, live hungry and thirsty!!


But life changes to be quality

Brothers walk on this path, Guru says to earn what you want!! We will sacrifice our mind and forget what you want to do!! We won't be able to live in this path!!


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In this way Guru Sahib started the work of making a saint soldier who is able to do good for all!! Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji made an army of Akal Purakh and started it!!


Today, the Sikhs of Lord Satguru and the soldiers of Akal seem to forget their rules and responsibilities and are blaming others for their inner weakness!!


How and from where has the weakness come today?

Why are we promoting the Karma Kand prohibited by Guru Ji?


To get real service or happiness of Guru Sahib, you have to change your inner self!!


Victory of Waheguru Ji!!


Iqbal Singh Lalpura

(Chairman , National Commission for Minorities)

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