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JRD Tata was born as Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata to Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata and Suzanne “Sooni”. He was the most noted business tycoon in the country. He was the first pilot to get a license in 1929. He was the chairman of the Tata group for 50 years and he was led the Tata group to reach the heights of success. 

His vision was to see India as a happy nation instead of a rich nation. He is best known for being the founder of several industries under the Tata Group, including Tata Motors, Titan Industries, Tata Salt, and Air India.

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Here are some of the rarely known facts about JRD Tata:

1. JRD Tata has been honoured with both the highest award of military merits in France, the French Legion of Honor and India’s highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna.  

2. JRD Tata had a keen interest in flying, one step ahead to success he became the first Indian pilot to get licensed in 1929. In 1932, he became the owner of Tata Airline, which is now known as Air India. 

3. JRD Tata joined Tata & Sons as a trainee with no pay and after 12 years he became the Chairman of the same group.

4. JRD Tata died in Geneva due to a kidney infection, on his death, the Indian Parliament had adjourned in mourning; an honor not given to non-Parliament members.

5. He started and implemented the family planning movement in India and for the same, he was rewarded with the United Nations Populations Award.

6. JRD Tata was controversially supportive of the declaration of the emergency powers in 1975 by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. 

7. In 2012, Tata was ranked the sixth “Greatest Indian” in an Outlook magazine poll.

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