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Punjab Forest Minister Sangat Singh Gilzian on Wednesday inaugurated Jungle Safari at Thana Village in Hoshiarpur district. It is inaugurated under Nature Awareness Project. This project includes three lakes facing Eco-friendly tents, boating for the tourists and safari gypsies for the tourists to explore the spot.

Hoshiarpur is near the Himachal Pradesh border and its sub-mountain ranges attract the tourists. The forest department has set up a camp to overlook the Thana reservoir lake.

The camp offers three weather tents to the visitors with dining and restaurant facilities. The gypsies will offer the visitor to take a pleasant look on the site. The boating facility will add to the adventure of the place. The lakes in the jungle safari give a beautiful view to the eyes.

The road gypsies connect Thana to Dehrian to Kukanet. A total of 12 km visit offers the visitors a very beautiful scene. The 7-km track from Thana to Dehrian is an adventurous ride through sand dunes. Ahead of it the further 5-km ride from Dehrian to Kukanet is a steady stream of water offering beautiful scenery to the tourists. The beautiful bamboo canopy on the sides is adding to the beauty of nature.

The Safari is full of caves of wild animals. This Safari will be a great tourist spot for the visitors and also promote tourism for the state. This will also raise the economy and can be a source of employment. 

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