Karan Aujla exposes gangsters' influence in Punjabi music industry; makes big revelation without naming Lawrence Bishnoi

Karan Aujla also revealed that his home in Canada has been attacked at least 4 times and due to this he has shifted from there to Dubai.

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Punjabi singer Karan Aujla recently went unfiltered and shared how the gangsters have taken total control of the Punjabi Music Industry. On Monday night, Karan Aujla's Podcast aired on The Ranveer Show on Ranveer Allahabadia's YouTube channel. During the podcast, Karan Aujla opened up about his early life, his biggest regret, and how he became a famous singer despite the fact he lost both his mother and father at the age of 9. However, what was attention-grabbing was when Karan Aujla talked about how today's time has become tough for Punjabi artists when he was asked about the threats and gangsters. Karan Aujla also revealed that his home in Canada has been attacked at least 4 times and due to this he has shifted from there to Dubai. Not only this, without naming gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, Karan Aujla revealed how he had no choice when he cited where he was not supposed to be there. Below is an excerpt from Karan Aujla on gangsters' influence in the Punjabi industry- 

"The situation has become very tough now. Not only me, but other Punjabi artists are also under threat. You all know what is going on. Sometimes I feel, I am an artist and I am only making songs. What wrong have I done? My personal problems are different, my family is there. I am gonna extend my family. I probably gonna have kids I have to keep my career on a high as well. But, then these types of problems come. I have to keep myself safe. Also, I don't have to be seen like I am enjoying their (gangster) company. I don't have an option."

Talking about multiple attacks on his Canadian home, Karan Aujla said, "My family has been targeted. My house has been targeted. My house got shot at three to four times. My home is in Canada and it is made of wood. So, nothing is stopping those bullets."

Karan Aujla & Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi

Notably, last year in April, Sidhu Moose Wala murder accused gangster Lawrence Bishnoi's brother Anmol was seen enjoying a party. In the party, Karan Aujla was also present. In fact, he was singing songs at the party. Thereafter, the video went viral on social media and fans alleged that Karan Aujla is linked to gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. 

Addressing the controversy without naming any gangster, Karan Aujla said, "Sometimes, I get into situations where I have to explain myself. Like, I was at some place where I was not supposed to be there. But, I had to be there, I did not have a choice. I have been in a very tough situation. I don't wish any Punjabi artist to go through such a tough situation. Punjabi artists are being seen with a different perspective and therefore, they have become easy targets from day 1. An artist belongs to the people. Therefore, you have to tell them (gangsters) first about the location and time."

"Suppose you are fed up and have decided that you will fight against it. Then, how many times will you fight, and from how many people will you fight? Unless you are ready to give up all your work and stand up for what is right. But, I feel nothing good can out of that as well. It's just time to do your things and stay quiet. I moved to Dubai from Canada so that my family remains safe. I am neither enemy of anybody, nor friends with anybody. I have tried to tell my audience not to take me seriously. It's fine that you all get inspired but if I say something in my song's lyrics like anything don't take that much seriously," added Karan Aujla.