The gut-wrenching incident that took place in Bhadravati taluk has left the animal rescuers and activists stirred as the intensity of cruelty was beyond imaginable. Among the people who were arrested for the gut-wrenching crime, there were 2-gram panchayat members, one JCB operator and a bill collector of the gram panchayat. 

According to the Police, the gram panchayat had given the officials the task of catching the stray dogs for sterilizing and then later releasing them. The emolument of the same was fixed and provided for the same. 

The news came into light when the officials involved had conspired against their duty and injected the dogs with poison. There were reports that some of the dogs were even buried alive. 

A police complaint has been filed against the inhuman gram panchayat members on Wednesday. Members from the Shivmogga Animal Rescue Club had visited the spot on Tuesday after they were informed about the same by the local residents of the area. 

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This was not the first time that Karnataka had reported cruel acts against animals. Earlier, around 150 monkeys had been killed while their bodies were abandoned in the district of Hassan. The act caught the attention of the Karnataka high court and strict action was taken against the officials involved.

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