A 35-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly throwing acid on her boyfriend after he rejected her marriage proposal. Reportedly, Sheeba and Arun came in contact through Facebook and were in a relationship for two years. Later, Arun discovered that Sheeba was already married with two kids and then decided to end the relationship and marry another woman. Enraged by the rejection, Sheeba called Arun to Adimali near the St Antony’s Catholic Church in Irumpupalam and threw acid on his face.


"Doctors say that he may lose his eyesight. They met through Facebook, but later he came to know that she was married and is the mother of two children. He wanted to end the relationship, but she tried to blackmail him and demanded money," the police said.


Twenty-eight-year-old Arun Kumar of Poojapura, Thiruvananthapuram, is recuperating at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. The incident occurred at Irumpupalam near St Antony's Church, Adimali, Idukki district on November 16.


A CCTV visual from the church premises, which emerged today, showed Sheeba, who was standing behind Mr Kumar, come forward and fling acid on his face. In the process, she too suffered some minor injuries.


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Sheeba was working as a home nurse at Thiruvananthapuram, wherein she got acquainted with Arun Kumar. Adimali police Sub-Inspector Mohammed Khani told the media that Sheeba was married to a painter, Santhosh, and had two children. She wanted to marry Arun Kumar but when the latter came to know that she was married and had two children, he started avoiding her. 


A case in this regard was registered yesterday and Sheeba was arrested today, the police said.

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