Key takeaways from PM Modi's address to nation amid Covid crisis

PM Modi cleared that the government's idea of lockdown is currently "off-table" and endeavor should be made to protect both lives and livelihoods

Amid the unprecedented surge in the Covid-19 cases in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Tuesday to put halt to the rumors of lockdown due to which migrant laborers have started to rush to their states. In his address, PM Modi has advised the states to keep lockdown as the last resort and focus on the micro-containment zones. The states which have imposed night curfews and lockdowns to curb the spread, PM Modi said the effort should be to protect ourselves from lockdown.

PM Modi cleared that the government's idea of lockdown is currently "off-table" and endeavor should be made to protect both lives and livelihoods of the public keeping in mind that economic activities are not affected much. 

Stressing on the second wave of Covid-19, PM Modi said, "India is fighting a fierce battle against the virus and situation had been under control for quite some now however, this second wave of Covid-19 has hit India like a storm." 

Concerned about the migrant workers, PM has asked them to stay put wherever they are and have assured them they would be inoculated with the Covid-19 vaccine soon. PM Modi has also urged the state governments to keep the trust of migrant workers alive. 

During his address, PM Modi has lauded the effort of the Indian pharmaceutical sector for developing the vaccines speedily. The speech came shortly after he interacted with the vaccine manufacturers to scale up the production of the vaccination so Indians could be inoculated at the earliest. He said that India's unity and teamwork have led the nation to come up with two indigenous vaccines against Covid and also was the first to kick start the world's largest vaccination drive. 

He also thanked all the doctors, medical staff, paramedical staff, ambulance drivers, security forces, and police for extending their diligent services during the pandemic. 

"You all have put your lives at stake to save others," said PM. 

Concerned about the bed and oxygen crisis at the health care centres across the nation, PM Modi said we are working promptly to ensure that each state gets the required medical assistance during the tough times. Efforts are underway to ramp up the production of oxygen and its supply, he assured. 

Speaking on the present scenario, PM Modi said that in the battle against coronavirus we have come a long way. In 2020, the nation's medical infrastructure was not robust,  neither we had Covid specific treatment nor medicines, testing capacity was limited nevertheless, now we are able to fight the virus. 

He has asked the nation's youth to come forward and help the needy in the fight against the disease. Form committees and spread awareness about Covid-19 protocols to those in need, PM added. 

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Concluding his speech, PM Modi referred to the Ram Navami and Ramzan festivals to underscore his message.

"Today is the last day of Navaratri. Tomorrow is Ram Navami. Maryada Purushottam Ram's message is for us to be disciplined. It is also the 7th day of Ramzan. The festival teaches us patience and discipline. Patience and discipline are both needed to fight Covid."

 He has asked the Indians to get themselves vaccinated and to follow the Covid appropriate behavior to shield themselves against the virus.

Here are the key takeaways from PM Modi's speech:

1. Stay Patient, stay at home

2. Get vaccinated against Covid-19

3. Stay away from rumors

4. Lockdown is the last option

5. Follow the micro-containment strategy

6. Follow Covid-19 appropriate behavior

7. Keep 'Dawai-Kadhai' moto in mind

8. Discipline is the key

9. Save life and economy

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