Khalistani protests in Canada see Indian Flag insulted for the third time

Khalistanis urged the Sikhs to vote for the Khalistani referendum and demanded the arrest of Indian Diplomat Sanjay Kumar Verma

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Khalistanis insulted the tricolor by trampling it under their feet outside the Indian Embassy in Vancouver, Canada on Friday. The fundamentalists misled the Sikhs by raising anti-India slogans and asked them to vote in favour of the Khalistan Referendum in America. The Canadian Police did not intervene in the processions and allowed the protests to go on. This is the third such demonstration in Canada in a month.


India's reaction has not been revealed yet after these protests, but the Indian investigative agency NIA is alert about it, according to reports. A month ago there was a demonstration outside the Indian Embassy in Toronto. The ‘tiranga’ was insulted during these demonstrations by the Khalistanis as well. It was spread on the road, trampled upon and finally set on fire.


It has been 140 days since the murder of terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar and Khalistani supporters are continuously demanding the arrest of Indian diplomat Sanjay Kumar Verma. During this time, Khalistani supporters reached outside the Indian Embassy carrying flags of Khalistan and mics for the demonstration.