Former Union Minister PR Kumaramangalam's wife, Kitty Kumaramangalam, was reportedly murdered at her Delhi residence last night, the police said. 

The 67-year-old was found dead at her South Delhi’s house Vasant Vihar. She was suffocated with a pillow, said initial police reports. 

As per the initial investigation, on Tuesday night around 9 pm, Ms Kumaramangalam was alone at home with her house help and robbery was the motive behind her killing. The police apprehended that a 24-year-old washerman (dhobi), identified as Raju, who worked for Ms Kitty, barged into the house along with two other men with an intention of robbery.

According to the police, these three men held the house help hostage in a room and then attacked Ms Kumaramangalam and killed her. At around 11 pm, the police were informed about the murder. The main accused Raju has been arrested while the other two are still missing.

Talking about the incident,  Ingit Pratap Singh, Deputy Commissioner Police (DCP), Southwest Delhi said, "The incident happened at around 9 pm when the house help opened the door for the family's washerman (dhobi). When the help opened the door, he overpowered her, dragged her to another room and tied her. In the meantime, two other boys entered and overpowered Kitty Kumaramangalam. They suffocated her to death using a pillow.”

He further said that after the police received the call at 11.00 pm, a probing team was immediately rushed to the spot. The team found some open briefcases on the crime site and the accused Raju (24) was held from his Bhanwar Singh Camp in Vasant Vihar home. 

The accused has revealed two other names, said the police officer.

Kitty Kumaramangalam was a former Supreme Court lawyer and her husband was first elected to Lok Sabha in 1984. He had served as a Union Minister of State, State, Parliamentary Affairs and Law, Justice and Company Affairs between 1991 and 92, Parliamentary Affairs Minister between 1992 and 93, and as the country's Power Minister in 1998.







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