Rs 80 lakh for ‘Donkey route’ yet US sees record influx of illegal Indian immigrants

As per reports, the fraudulent travel agents ask for more than Rs 80 lakh per person for the donkey route to US in states like Gujarat and Punjab

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The United States of America (US) saw a record illegal entry of 43,152 Indian immigrants into the country in just 3 months of 2024 (January to March). The immigrants enter the country by crossing neighboring countries, Canada and Mexico’s borders through the ‘Donkey Route’. However, the hair-raising piece of information is that agents that facilitate this method, prominently in Gujarat and Punjab, charge an eye-watering Rs 80 lakhs per person.


What is the ‘Donkey Route’?

The "donkey route” is a long and roundabout journey designed to dodge border controls. The risks and challenges of this journey are significant, but the potential rewards, such as higher wages and improved living conditions, outweigh the supposed dangers for many who choose this method of immigration.


Taking US as an example, this method is facilitated by agents spread across India and other countries. As per reports, these agents ask for more than Rs 80 lakh per person in states like Gujarat and Punjab. The immigrants are sent to another country such as Dubai, France, West Indies or other Caribbean countries. Then, infiltration into the US is carried out through the Mexico or Canada border, often times forcing the immigrants to travel miles on foot.


In an attempt to deal with this onslaught of illegal immigrants into the country, US President Joe Biden has announced a stricter immigration policy. According to the new rules of the US Home Ministry, illegal immigrants cannot claim asylum in the US if they have a criminal background. If an illegal refugee is found to be supporting a criminal, they will be deported back to their country of origin. 


Previously, asylum seekers who entered US were allowed to stay in the country until their asylum application has been processed, which requires a special court hearing. However, the applicants ‘disappear’ during this time and continue living in the US even forging documents to legitimize their immigration.