Some people define love as living together, staying under the same roof, sharing keys, sharing passwords and sharing each and every thing. But for some couples staying apart, not sharing the same roof is the key of their togetherness.

Some couples do follow the LAT model, but what does it mean?

LAT basically means Living Apart Together. In this the couples who are in intimate relationship choose to live separately due to their personal reasons. The reason can be financial, privacy related or anything.

Couples use to live apart because of their work reason like one of the partner can be having a job in other city or country and the another one in different, but some choose to live apart with their own will. Living in the same city but staying at different addresses.

People have their own reasons of choosing this model for their relationship. Some choose this from their personal experiences. For example, Vandana Sajeeb and her husband decided to use LAT model in their relationship. Her experience with her parents made Vandana to choose this model. Her parents never get along with each other. She wants to maintain her life. She wants to live alone but with her partner. The duo tried the LAT model for three years before moving in together.

There are many combinations of Living Apart Together as such living in different cities, staying in the same city but different apartments, staying in the same apartment but in separate rooms.

The popularity of LAT is increasing in different age groups. The old age groups are also choosing to remain in relationships but living separately. Some couple choose to live separately because they love their personal space and are not ready for sharing it. They feel like not being together actually makes their relationship strong.

The couple having relationship with LAT model meet each other after breaks. They plan their meets. Some met each other on weekends, some on month ends and some even after months. Some couples think it makes their bond stronger, but some couples also oppose this model.

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