Lok Sabha Elections 2024 in numbers: How over 2 crore youths can shape up world's biggest poll?

Ahead of the Lok Sabha 2024 Schedule announcement, check out the total number of registered voters and their division between youths, female and first time voters.

India Lok Sabha Elections Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Schedule

The Election Commission of India (ECI) on Saturday will announce the Lok Sabha Election 2024 schedule and phases apart from other state assemblies' poll dates. India and even the world have shifted their attention to the World's Biggest Democracy as it will see the people of India choosing their representatives in 543 constituencies. While the ruling BJP looks to continue its winning run along with the NDA, the opposition parties have united and formed an I.N.D.I.A block to sink NDA's victory ship and the return of Prime Minister Modi back into power. While the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 schedule will be announced at 3 pm on March 16, 2024, by the ECI, below is a brief detail about the General Elections in numbers and how the first-voters or the youths can change the dynamics of the world's biggest-ever poll- 


Lok Sabha Elections 2024 in numbers


As per reports, about 97 crore people will vote in the 2024 Lok Sabha election. This time around two crore new voters in the age group of 18 to 29 years have joined. When the first Lok Sabha elections of independent India were held in 1951-52, the total population of the country was only 36 crores. There were only 17.3 crore voters. Then the minimum age to vote was 21 years. Currently, this minimum age is 18 years. During the tenure of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, the voting age was reduced from 21 to 18.


In the first Lok Sabha Polls, there used to be 489 seats in the lower house of the Parliament. Now, there are 543 seats. There was no model code of conduct in the first two Lok Sabha elections. 


As per ECI's Special Summary Revision 2024 (SSR 2024) exercise,  a total of over 96.88 crore voters are registered across the country. Furthermore, the ECI noted there has been a remarkable surge in female voter registrations, pointing at efforts towards gender parity. Female voter enrollment surpassed male voters during SSR 2024, with over 1.41 crore newly enrolled female electors.


More than 2.63 crore new electors have been included in the electoral roll, out of which around 1.41 crore are female electors which surpassed the newly enrolled male voters (~1.22 crore) by over 15%. 


Talking about Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Youth voters', more than 2 crore young electors, spanning the 18-19 and 20-29 age groups, have been added to the electoral roll. 


As per ECI, 88.35 lakh Persons with Disabilities (PwD) have been flagged in the electoral roll database. 


Out of 543 seats, BJP has 290, Indian National Congress (INC) has 48, DMK has 24, AITMC has 22, Shiv Sena 19, etc.