Lauren German has confirmed that Lucifer season six will include some "heartbreaking" Deckerstar scenes. As if we weren't emotionally moved by the show's conclusion.

The sixth and final season of Lucifer will launch on Netflix today (September 10), and the cast and crew have been giving fans hints about what to expect as Tom Ellis' Lucifer Morningstar transitions to his new role as, um, God.

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Lauren German told a leading daily on Lucifer and Chloe Decker's dynamic in the new episodes, saying that the duo is willing to make sacrifices, no matter how "heartbreaking" they may be.
"'I believe in you,' Chloe says, even when Lucifer is feeling insecure. Lauren said, "I believe you can do this," before hinting at "some very lovely selfless gestures." "..
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"In the last season, both of them do some very beautiful selfless deeds that are heartbreaking, but [they say], 'For you, I will do this.' For the greater good and happiness of you. I'll give up A, B, and C for you,' "she said.

As heartbreaking as these mystery acts are, Lauren also assured Lucifer fans that in the show's last season, Deckerstar is more of a "team" than ever.

"I would say it's the most kind of as a team that you've seen them," the actress continued. "It's only a question of how they got there. How are they going to do that?"

However, Lauren warns that there could be "pain" on the horizon, so a happy ending isn't assured. "They're on the same page, working toward the same greater good," she remarked. "Even if it causes pain to one or both of them."

We were promised tears first, then a "bittersweet" ending, and now this? We're not sure we're ready.

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