Two students group indulged in a deadly physical fight on Friday outside CT University Ludhiana which is situated at Mullanpur Road. CT University Ludhiana organized a convocation ceremony on Friday in which both pass-out and studying students were present. Earlier, it was reported that the pass-out students of the university got involved in a fight over a social media post of the university outside the campus. However, CT University denied the claims saying that nothing happened during the convocation. CT University Ludhiana PRO stated that the college management has formed a team to conduct an inquiry into the incident and whatever conclusion will come will be shared in due time. CT University outlined that the convocation took place in full security and nothing violent took place on the campus. Not only this, CT University stated that they have heard that a clash took place outside the campus, however, not much information can be shared as of now as it is still a matter of inquiry.

In the alleged clash between two students group, 4 students were brutally injured. Reportedly, 30 to 35 youths were carrying sharp weapons and baseball bats, etc, and attacked another youth group. Furthermore, all the injured students received medications from the civil hospital. Reportedly, the students are demanding police action, however, whether any case has been lodged or not is not clear.

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