Gold sprinkles are quite common in top-notch restaurants, chefs serve gold momos, gold biryani, and many other gold dishes. Gold in the street food is rare, but a street vendor from Ludhiana has made it true. He sells “Veg Gold Burger” worth Rs 999. 

Find it expensive? You have to taste it for free if you complete it in just 5 mins. If you can complete the challenge in time you will save you Rs 999 and will treat your tummy with a delicious gold burger. 

This unique idea is of a Ludhiana street vendor – Baba Ji Burger Wale, whose gold burger is now viral on the internet and may make you drool too. 

The clip was originally shared by the food channel “Sahi Hai”. The clip shows shop owner baba ji making a burger, full of veggies, dry fruits and sauces. For his finishing touch, he adds sheets of gold foil to the burger.

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Have a look at the video here: 

The street vendor has been located at Baba Deep Singh Gurudwara Chownk Model Town in Ludhiana. 

Many netizens loved the concept and many expressed eagerness to try this yummy burger. One of the netizens wrote, “Looks delicious can't wait to try”. While another wrote, “Good job! We're in the same city. Hope to see you one day” and the third one commented, “Awesome man”. Yet another wrote, “Certified delicious”.

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