Ludhiana witnesses decline in voters turnout in Lok Sabha Elections 2024; Check past & present numbers

When we talk about biggest face-offs in Punjab’s Lok Sabha Elections, then the list is incomplete without Ludhiana.

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The Lok Sabha Elections concluded on 1st June 2024. Punjab witnessed the voting for 13 Lok Sabha seats of Punjab and the sole seat of Chandigarh today. The Lok Sabha Elections 2024 results will be announced on 4th June. Everyone is eagerly waiting to witness who wins from each constituency; however, Congress is keeping its eye on the most significant seat i.e. Ludhiana. Congress’s victory from Ludhiana is crucial as party President Amrinder Singh Raja Warring contested from this seat. This year Ludhiana saw a total voting percentage of 57.18% which is less than the last assembly elections. In 2019, Ludhiana saw a total of 62.16% of voters’ turnout.

When we talk about biggest face-offs in Punjab’s Lok Sabha Elections, then the list is incomplete without Ludhiana. The major candidates that contested from Ludhiana’s Lok Sabha seat were Congress President Amrinder Singh Raja Warring. Ashok Prashar was chosen to represent AAP from Ludhiana. Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) chose Ravneet Bittu for the LS Polls as he is a popular face in Ludhiana. The major fight for the seat will be between Congress and AAP i.e. Amrinder Singh Raja Warring and Ashok Parashar Pappi. However, till the last date the dynamics of this seat kept on changing which somewhere made it difficult for political experts to make a firm decision on who could win.

Talking about the two main candidates from Ludhiana’s Lok Sabha seat. Congress President Amrinder Singh Raja Warring has a chance of getting support in Ludhiana as his party members campaigned for him in full swing. Also, as compared to other candidates, he is likely to emerge as a stronger one. One risk that Warring has is from Ravneet Bittu. He was earlier with Congress and many people who supported Congress earlier might cast a vote in his favour. Also, he has some good connections in the party itself, those can backstab Amrinder Singh Raja Warring as well. While Ashok Parashar Pappi can give Warring a tough fight. AAP’s candidate Ashok Parashar Pappi is Hindu and has a good image in the constituency. He might garner some votes in the name of freebies that were offered by the AAP government when CM Mann came into power in Punjab. Ashok Parashar can also face certain challenges. As he is a turncoat so there is a lack of trust in him among the people. He also did not enjoy much of internal support from party members.

Ludhiana has in total 1842 polling stations. The constituency consists of 9,22,005 males, 8,06,484 females and 130 transgenders making a total of 17,28,619 voters.