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Maharashtra govt increases security of Bachchan family, BJP asks 'why this alacrity was not shown to Sushant Singh Rajput?'

Going by the reports, the Maharashtra state government ‘parameter security’ for the Bachchan family

A new controversy sparked after veteran actress Jaya Bachchan lashed out at Kangana Ranaut and Ravi Kishan for defaming Bollywood over drugs. Jaya Bachchan supported the Maharashtra state government and asked the Central government to give protection to the Bollywood film fraternity as the actors of Bollywood always stood by the government in any natural calamity. 

Now going by the reports, the Maharashtra state government  ‘parameter security’ for the Bachchan family. After Jaya's speech, Sanjay Raut hailed her and termed the Bachchan family as the representative of Bollywood who always stood for the right. 

Times Now reports suggest that the government has increased security around the two bungalows of that houses Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya, Abhishek, Aishwarya, and Aaradhya. This comes after the social media threats that the Bachchan family has been receiving, following Jaya’s comments defending the film industry during the monsoon session at parliament.

Soon responding to this one of the BJP leaders raised questions on Uddhav Thackeray's double standard. He said that they said something in Parliament then why so haste why this alacrity was not shown in giving security to either Sushant Singh Rajput or Kangana Ranaut?

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Notably, in February Sushant's brother-in-law messaged DCP Dahiya and informed regarding the threat to his life, however, no actions were taken. Even Kangana reiterated about the security but no response from the Maharashtra state government came. 

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