Since the very beginning, Mohanlal and Mammootty fans have clear boundaries and do not kid around. To be fair two exceptional actors should not be compared with each other on any basis. 

Last month, Mammootty, popularly known as Mammukka by his beloved fans had completed 50 long years that he gave to the entertainment industry. After closely observing his career through the industry it is seen that after his marriage to his now-wife Sulfath in the year 1979 his career really took off and has seen a lot of success. 

On his 70th birthday, his daughter who is also an artist made him a very adorable painting. Even though the actor has reached his 70, he still is a good competition to the young actors of this generation giving them a good run for their money. 

The legendary actor has done over 400 movies in the industry in languages such as English Hindi and Malayalam. Even though the actor is well known for his exceptional work, his co-stars have always called complained about him being a little haughty. 

He would not bare it if any of his co-stars would dress better than him or if anyone owns a mobile phone which is more expensive than his. He never expresses it but in his subtle way, he does make sure to convey it. 

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Mammootty despite this has always been preferred over other actors for his fan following and his work in the field of acting. 

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