Man Accused of Disrespecting Gutka Sahib Amid Domestic Dispute in Nurmahal

A man from Nurmahal, identified as Amarpreet Singh, has been charged with desecrating the ‘Gutka Sahib’ as a result of a domestic dispute with his mother.

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The incident gained widespread attention on social media, where a man is disrespecting the Gutka Sahib by trampling on it in an act of retaliation against his mother, who had been reading it.

Furthermore, he proceeds to set fire to his mother’s personal belongings outdoors. The Nurmahal police station has registered a case against the man under Section 295 A of the IPC, along with other relevant sections.

The man criticized his mother and stated, “This is the Gutka Sahib that you read? Look, I’ve trampled it.” He also makes disturbing statements like, “Either I’ll die myself or kill them.”

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Nurmahal SHO Manjit Singh commented on the situation, explaining, “The man disrespected the Gutka Sahib during an ongoing personal dispute with his mother.

SHO further extended "he also set fire to her belongings, although the Gutka Sahib itself was not among the items burned. It’s possible that the man is dealing with mental health issues. An FIR has been filed against him.”