Man duped of lakhs over ‘Good morning’ WhatsApp texts

The victim got nearly 20 messages from the stranger who duped him with Rs 5 lakhs.

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A case of fraud has been reported in Bengaluru where a 50-year-old man was duped for more than Rs 5 lakh. Three miscreants duped the man after the victim went to meet them following 'good morning' messages on WhatsApp. The three miscreants were strangers to the victim. 

According to a complaint lodged at the Govindapura Police Station, the 50-year-old man said he was receiving 'good morning' texts from a stranger regularly for the past two years. To date, he has gotten nearly 20 messages from that stranger. 

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As per a report, the man received a letter from the WhatsApp user on October 8. The user reportedly had sent her location to him and he went to see her at a hotel near Veeranapalya at night. To his surprise, the man found a total of three people inside the room. 

The fraud victim also alleged that the trio introduced themselves as police and accused him of being a drug peddler. They then snatched his credit card and wallet. The man also informed that the three men forced him to unlock his phone. After a while, the accused left the hotel, locking him inside the room, the man alleged. Anyhow, he managed to flee the hotel and upon reaching home he found out that about Rs 3,91,812 had been transferred from his account in five transactions. 

Then later, he got a message saying another Rs 2 lakh was transferred from his account. 

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Based on the details of the complainant, the cops have caught one accused while the other two are still fugitives.