Man spots injured cockroach on road, rushes to vet for treatment

The man had witnessed someone accidentally stepping on the cockroach by the road

In an unusual incident, a man spotted an injured cockroach by the side of the road and took it to the vet for its treatment. The incident happened in Thailand, when Dr. Thanu Limpapattanawanich, a veterinarian from Krathum Baen was shocked to see that a man had brought a cockroach for treatment.

The man had witnessed someone accidentally stepping on the cockroach by the road. Many of us would have ignored the cockroach, but he could not leave the bug to die. He brought the cockroach to the Sai Rak Animal hospital.

Sharing the incident on Facebook Dr. Thanu Limpapattanawanich said, “Emergency case last night. Someone stepped on a cockroach lying on the side of the road. Just then, a philanthropist walked past and saw it. So he rushed to take him to the veterinary hospital urgently. Symptoms are now 50/50.”

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He further added that this neither a joke, nor he is making fun of the man who brought the bug in for treatment. He said, “This is not a joke. This indicates compassion and pity towards every creature. Every life is precious... I wish there were more kind people like this in the world...Kindness supports the world.”

Whether the cockroach survived or not is not clear. “I allowed the man to bring the cockroach back to take care of it. No treatment fee was charged,” the wet added.

Netizens are praising the man for his love for all creatures. People on social media are appreciating the mans' gesture of kindness.

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