Mannheim Video: Knifeman goes on stabbing spree during livestream of Michael Stürzenberger's anti-Islam rally

The Mannheim knifeman was seen repeatedly stabbing his victim, wearing a blue t-shirt in the chest area

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In a shocking development, a knifeman on Friday went on a stabbing spree during an anti-Islam rally attended by Michael Sturzenberger. As per reports, the shocking incident took place in Mannheim, Germany and it was live-streamed on YouTube. As a result, the video went viral in no time on social media. Mannheim Stabbing video showcased a man armed with a large knife attacked another man before they both fell on the ground.

The Mannheim knifeman was seen repeatedly stabbing his victim, wearing a blue t-shirt in the chest area. Other men dressed in blue, apparently workers or volunteers at the rally, attempted to pull the attacker from his victim. The victim appeared to have been stabbed in his leg and face. Blood spilled from a hole in his jeans and dripped near his eyes.

Reacting to Mannheim stabbing incident, the Police said that the incident happened at 11 am on Friday and Police have launched an operation on Market Square. "There is currently a major police operation on the market square in Mannheim. A rescue helicopter is also in use. No further information can be provided at this time."

It is alleged that Michael Sturzenberger was the prime target. Michael Sturzenberger is a German Islamic-critic. The attacker also stabbed a German Police officer who was trying to stop him. 

Sharing the Germany stabbing video, a user wrote, "This is happening on German streets while their police and mainstream media have spent the past week doing a witch hunt of native Germans who sang "Auslander Raus""

Another user wrote, "Being anti immigration has nothing to do with hate, it's just caring about the safety of your own people"

As of now, who is Mannheim knifeman has not been revealed. Mannheim knifeman was wearing a green t-shirt under a black tracksuit. He was caught on video attacking workers outside a campaign tent for German anti-Islamist campaign group Citizens' Movement Pax Europa (BPE) in Mannheim's Marktplatz square. 


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