Vanessa Welch Video: Boston news anchor swallows fly on air & continues reporting

Vanessa Welch worked as an anchor for Boston 25’s morning show and during presenting news she accidentally swallowed a fly but continued to do her job.

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In a perfect example of 'The Show Must Go On' Boston (United States) News TV anchor Vanessa Welch recently swallowed a live fly when she was reporting for the news channel. Vanessa Welch's video has been going viral on social media and Netizens around the world are lauding the Boston News TV anchor for not losing her calm. Vanessa Welch worked as an anchor for Boston 25’s morning show. When she was anchoring something fell into her mouth mid-sentence as she delivered the news. Netizens pointed out that Vanessa Welch swallowed a fly and continued to present the news. 

While Vanessa Welch's video is going viral on social media, she recently left Boston 25’s morning show. The journalist shared the video with the caption, "After an incredible 25-year career in journalism, I signed off for the final time last night at 11:00pm .. I’m grateful to all the viewers who trusted me to tell their stories. From navigating a pandemic to celebrating Boston championships, we’ve experienced it all together. I’m stepping away from news for a new opportunity in Boston, but the memories we’ve made will always be in my heart...Thank you for welcoming me into your homes every night. Your support means the world to me. Stay tuned for updates as I embark on a new chapter."

Reacting to Vanessa Welch's video, a user wrote, "100% commitment to the job"

Another user wrote, "Their offices are full of flies so they are habitual of eating flies… in India, we are living very hygienic lifestyle at similar places…. West is just waste now"

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