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Meghalaya Governor’s latest meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not end well, within the five minutes of the meet, he ended up fighting with PM Modi, who was “so full of arrogance”. 

On Sunday, he continued attacking the BJP government and Prime Minister. He said that PM Modi was arrogant when he met him to discuss the Farm Laws. While addressing a social function at Dadri in Haryana, Malik said, “Main jab kisano ke mamle me Pradhan Mantri ji se milane gaya, to meri panch minute mein ladai ho gayi unse. Woh bahut ghamand mein the. (When I went to meet the Prime Minister to discuss the farmer issue, I ended up fighting with him within five minutes. He was very arrogant.)”

“Jab maine unse kaha, hamare 500 log mar gaye… to usne kaha, mere liye mare hain? (Maine) kaha aapke liye hi to mare the, jo aap raja bane huye ho… Mera jhagda ho gaya. Unhone kaha aab aap Amit Shah se mil lo. Main Amit Shah se mila… (When I told him that 500 of our own (farmers) had died… he said, ‘Did they die for me?’ I told him yes since you are the king. I ended up arguing with him. He told me to meet Amit Shah and I did),” he continued. 

Neither BJP nor Prime Minister Narendra Modi has commented on these remarks but Congress left the chance and said that the governor’s remark talks all about PM Modi’s “qualities”. Congress party took Twitter to post a video of Satya Pal Malik and wrote, “vanity... cruelty... insensitivity. In this statement of the BJP Governor, these 'qualities' included in the personality of PM Modi are mentioned. But this is a matter of concern for a democracy.”

In past, Malik has attacked the Central Government and Prime Minister multiple times, especially over the three controversial farm laws. He has also stated that he is not afraid of being asked to step down as the Governor of the state. Malik, before Meghalaya, served as Governor of Jammu and Kashmir and Goa.  

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