Pakistan is a safe haven for minorities as compared to her neighbouring country India, said Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar. 
“In India, Narendra Modi and RSS are targeting minorities including Muslims. By attacking Mosques in India, Modi and his supporters have proved that their country has become dangerous for minorities.” 
Speaking to the media at the SP Dewan Bahadur Singha awards ceremony at the Governor’s House, in Lahore on Monday, said that religious freedom and protection of citizens' lives and property are important for the overall development and maintaining stability in any country.
“I am proud to say that in Britain as well as Pakistan, I have raised voice for minorities and Pakistan has become the safest country for Minorities," Sarwar added. 
He further added that incidents of terror and public violence against Muslims have been increasing on Indian territory since Narendra Modi came to power. Wherever minorities witness oppression or injustice, the ruling government must adhere to stringent action. 
“If we talk about our neighbouring country, India, lives of the minorities have become very difficult since the day Modi came to power,” he cited, saying that Modi is following the ideologies of the terrorist Organisation RSS. 

Demolishing the historical mosque by the Indian government shows that Muslims in India don't have religious freedom and this should be a great matter of concern for the United Nations (UN) and international human rights organizations. 

While under Modi's reign, India has been poisoned with Hindutva vision and hatred and crimes against all minorities has risen, since Modi has taken the oath as India's prime minister, the Punjab Governor said. 
Praising the policies of the Pakistan government, Sarwar said that the country's authorities are promoting peace and harmony. One such example is the opening of the Kartarpur corridor project for Sikhs. This shows the Pakistani government's compassion towards minority communities. 
Physical attacks on those who follow Islam, Christianity and other religion by Hindu groups have become prevalent in India, which he pointed from time to time are reported by Human rights watchdogs. 

Sarwar further said that it's high time that the world powers like the US should take into account the atrocities committed against the minorities in India and put pressure on the Indian administration through diplomatic policies to put a stop to the violence to ensure all minorities including Muslims can enjoy religious freedom. 

He also reiterated that the people of Kashmir are given the protection of life and property. 

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