PM Modi's top 5 suggestions for Youths inspired by Sahibzadas on 'Veer Bal Diwas'

PM Modi expressed his confidence in the youth saying that the present generation of youth can take the country to unimaginable heights

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The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi addressed the program marking ‘Veer Bal Diwas’ at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi today. The day symbolises the bravery and valour of the sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, known as the Chaar Sahibzade. The story of their martyrdom in the name of Sikhism and their courageous acts of valour are immortalised in Sikh history. According to the Prime Minister, their acts continue to inspire not only the young Sikhs, but youth everywhere in the country and more recently the world.  He emphasized in his address “This day reminds us that age does not matter when it comes to heights of bravery.”


During his address, he stressed on India’s youth power and informed that the population of youth in the country today is way more than during the freedom struggle. He further expressed his confidence in the youth saying that the present generation of youth can take the country to unimaginable heights. Keeping this in mind, here are 5 key points from PM Modi’s address that he claims prove the power of the country’s youth and their potential:


  • Inspiration from brave young heroes from history:

He claimed that the youth should be inspired by the sacrifices made by the Chaar Sahibzaades. He also gave examples of other great personalities who achieved a lot at a relatively young age. For example Abhimanyu who at a young age took on the ‘Chakravyuh’, Dhruv and his penance, Mauryan King Chandragupta who led an empire at a very young age, Eklavya and his dedication towards his Guru Dronacharya,  and various others national heroes who sacrificed their lives for the country.   


  • A clear roadmap for the youth to achieve their dreams:

The Prime Minister said in his address that “The coming 25 years are bringing huge opportunities for our youth. The youth of India, irrespective of which region or society they are born in, have limitless dreams. To help fulfill these dreams, the government has a clear roadmap and a clear vision.” He elaborated on this by mentioning enabling National Education Policy, 10 thousand Atal Tinkering Labs and vibrant startup culture.


  • Register at the MyBharat portal:

He also urged the youth to register at the MyBharat portal which is portal to aid development of the youth of the country. The Prime Minister expanded on the meaning of the dream of becoming the third-largest economy. He said this will benefit the youth the most and it means better health, education, opportunities, jobs, quality of life and quality of products.


  • Prioritize health: 

The Prime Minister advised the youth to give top priority to their health as it is crucial to achieving the desired results in life. He suggested making some ground rules for themselves and firmly adhering to them as he mentioned the challenges of physical exercise, digital detox, mental fitness, adequate sleep and including Shri Anna or millets in their diet.


  • Stay away from Drugs:

Prime Minister Modi also touched upon the menace of drugs in society and stressed tackling it by coming together as a nation and society. He also urged all religious leaders along with the government and families to initiate a strong campaign against drugs. “Sabka Prayas is imperative for a capable and strong youth power”, the Prime Minister concluded, remembering that the teachings of ‘Sabka Prayas’ as imparted to us by our Gurus will make India a developed nation.


“Our youth have to draw the big picture for developed India and Government stands firmly with them as a friend” he can be quoted in the address. PM Modi told the young audience about the nationwide campaign of linking youth with the dreams and the resolution of a Viksit (Progressive) Bharat.