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Even after months of investigation by the three premiere Central probing agency (CBI, ED and NCB), no conclusion or developments have been filed yet. The investigation going on seems to be inconclusive.  Sushant's case was taken by the CBI and other agency after Bihar Government recommended the case to the CBI. Even people of India wanted the government that the late actor's case should be transferred to the CBI. However, it is a bitter truth that crores of rupees public money have been used t solve this high profile case.

Going by the reports of ABP news, approx Rs 5 crore of the public money has been used in Sushant Singh Rajput's case. More than 4 dozen officers and employees of Mumbai Police were engaged in the investigation of this high profile case for 2 months. Similarly, more than a dozen officers and employees of the Enforcement Directorate were engaged in the investigation of the case.After the case was handed over to the CBI, about 50 officers and employees of the CBI continued to conduct its initial investigation and for this purpose a special team was sent from Delhi to Mumbai.

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The most interesting and comical aspect in this case was the Narcotics Control Bureau, which started investigating Sushant case on its behalf and a special investigation team of was conducted and they continued to fly from Delhi to Mumbai and from Mumbai to Delhi. Now, the salary of all the officers and employees involved in this investigation, from their airplanes, the allowance of trains, accommodation, food, living expenses and their TA-DA is added, then the entire expenditure is more than Rs 5 crore. But the case remains inconclusive and no agency has filed their closure report not even any development report. 

Now the question arises that till when these agencies will drag on this high profile case of Sushant Singh Rajput. Not even a single passes when Sushant Singh Rajput fans do not ask the same question from the investigative agencies. 

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